CC Team
From left to right; Dogukan, Batu, Burak

Who we are?

We are the Condochance Team,

Not figuratively, but literally a family.

We are three cousins who all have a major in different engineering fields from Technical Universities. We realized that home electronics is a challenging topic when one of us decided to get a smart vacuum robot.

We have seen that although we are relatively tech-savvy (considering our careers), we had a considerably hard time comparing products and making educated choices about smart home electronics.

There was definitely a need for assistance as various companies kept creating countless products, which in turn led to customers getting overwhelmed easily.

And that is why our first site Robochance was created. (2020)

After the launch of Robochance, we have decided to do more reviews about other smart home gadgets than robot vacuums.

Then Condochance is created for reviewing smart lights, switches, controllers, and hubs.

Our mission on this site is to help you get smart home gadgets that work for longer durations compared to the competitors with relatively low energy consumption. (As a new father, I am a bit obsessed with sustainability and leaving a great world for our children.)

We will do our best to help you get the smart robots and gadgets you need for your home.

Batu of CondoChance Team

BSc. Electrical Engineer & MBA
10+ years of industrial experience as an Electrical Engineer