best light fixtures for a bedroom

Best Light Fixtures for Bedrooms

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Everyone knows that setting the right ambiance in your bedroom is essential for feeling relaxed and comfortable both during the day and when it’s time to sleep. To achieve this, having the best light fixtures for bedrooms is crucial.

In this article, we’ll go through a variety of lighting types and fixtures for bedrooms, helping you find the perfect match to create just the right atmosphere in your space. We’ll start with directing you towards ceiling lights, followed by lamps, wall lighting ideas and more – so if you’re in need of some bright ideas to light up your bedroom, keep reading!

Types of Lighting In Bedrooms

When looking for the best types of lighting fixtures for your bedroom, there are usually four categories to consider: ambient, task, accent, and dimmer switches.

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Ambient lighting is typically more general and is used as an overall wash of light to provide the main source of illumination in a room; this could be accomplished with a ceiling-mounted light fixture, wall sconces, or even recessed lights.

Task lighting is designed for activities that require strong direct light such as reading and grooming tasks; this could come from desk lamps or vanity lighting.

Accent lighting is meant to draw attention to specific objects such as artwork or architectural features in the room; this can be done with track lights or spotlights.

Finally, dimmer switches are installed on some lights in order to change their brightness according to your preference.

All of these types of lighting can be combined in various ways depending on your tastes and needs; by finding a combination that works well together you will have the perfect atmosphere for your bedroom.

Types of Light Fixtures In Bedrooms

When it comes to lighting up the bedroom, most people have plenty of options. Ceiling lights provide a more traditional look, while wall sconces can create a romantic feel. Table lamps can be used to draw attention to particular features in the room and bring warmth to spaces that may not get as much natural light.

While it is nice to have variety when choosing light fixtures for your bedroom, there are also pros and cons for each type which should be factored into the decision-making process.

best light fixtures for bedroom

Ceiling lights offer great overall coverage but may lack directional control over where the light is shone. Wall sconces are great for creating ambiance but do not provide that much general illumination in larger rooms. Table lamps are task-oriented and can help focus the eye within a room; however, one needs to consider whether they need larger or multiple lamps for larger bedrooms.

With each type of light fixture having its own benefits and drawbacks, considering your desired aesthetics and practicality will guide you toward finding the best light fixtures for your bedroom.

How Much Light Do You Need in a Bedroom?

The amount of light you need in a bedroom depends on the activities you plan to do in the space. Generally, you will need enough light to perform tasks such as reading, getting dressed, and cleaning.

As a general rule of thumb, the recommended minimum lighting level for a bedroom is around 50 lumens per square foot. For example, if your bedroom is 10 feet by 12 feet (120 square feet), you should aim for around 6,000 lumens of light.

However, this is just a guideline, and the amount of light you need may vary depending on personal preference and the layout of your bedroom. It’s important to choose lighting that suits your needs and provides the right amount of light for your specific activities.

In addition to overhead lighting, it’s also a good idea to include task lighting in your bedroom, such as bedside lamps or reading lights. This will allow you to adjust the lighting to your needs and create a comfortable and functional space.

How Much Light Do You Need in a Bedroom?

The amount of light in your bedroom is important, as you need it to be bright enough for various activities such as reading and dressing.

Generally speaking, the best choice would be to install multiple light fixtures that provide diffuse lighting. You could use a chandelier or a pendant lamp as the main source of light in the center of the room, and then ceiling lights along the walls or table lamps on dressers and side tables to provide additional illumination.

Dimmer switches can also be installed so you can easily adjust the brightness level for different tasks.

You can see the minimum and maximum room sizes, lux, and lumens values for an average US bedroom and how many LED bulbs with 800 lumens are needed and assumed LED power consumption from the table below.

Choose RoomBedroom
Choose the Lumens Level of the Bulb you Want to Use800
Average Minimum Room Size for CalculationMin (sq ft)100Min (m2)9
Average Maximum Room Size for CalculationMax (sq ft)200Max (m2)19
Min (Lux)50Max (Lux)75
Min (Lumens)465Max (Lumens)1394
Assumed LED Power Consumptions (W)617
Number of LED Bulbs Needed?12

Best Light Fixtures for Bedroom

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Ceiling Lights in Bedrooms

Illuminating your bedroom with the right lighting fixtures can help you set the mood and provide top-notch illumination.

When it comes to ceiling lights, there are a few types that are optimal for bedrooms. Flush mount lights sit close to the ceiling, providing a soft touch of light to the rest of the room.

Chandeliers tend to make more of a statement and offer an ornate, sophisticated feel perfect for a master bedroom.

Pendant lights are similar in style to chandeliers but usually hang lower, making them ideal for reading nooks.

With these lighting types, you’ll be able to get exactly what you’re looking for in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Wall Sconces in Bedrooms

Wall sconces are great as the best wall light for bedrooms as they provide an ambient level of illumination and do not require taking up much of your space. Sconces come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials—each with its own style and impact.

For example, industrial or contemporary-style wall sconces can add an edgy look to any room while wooden wall sconces offer a rustic charm.

Whether you’re more into opulent finishes like crystal or solid metals, there’s something for everyone.

Plus, since you mount them on the wall rather than having them sitting atop a table or desk, they won’t take up any more of your precious bedside real estate.

Table Lamps in Bedrooms

When it comes to choosing the best lighting fixtures for bedrooms, table lamps are a popular option. They provide a warm glow that adds a cozy feel and can be easily adjusted to suit your current mood or the level of light you require.

Table lamps come in a variety of styles, from traditional round or tall models to modern curved designs. Some can even double up as pieces of decor in themselves, adding an extra aesthetic touch when required! For those wanting an ambient atmosphere, soft-glow globe lamps are perfect. If you’re after something more task-focused and practical, like additional lighting on a bedside table, then bright desk lamps would work well.

No matter the style you choose, table lamps offer great flexibility while creating an inviting environment in any bedroom.

Recessed Lighting in Bedrooms

Recessed lighting is a great way to add subtle yet stylish lighting to your bedroom. You can choose between traditional or modern styles, depending on the vibe of the room. For a classic look, opt for metal cone-shaped recessed lights set in the ceiling— perfect for reading in bed or nesting with your favorite novel.

For a more contemporary feel, go for round dome-shaped fixtures that cast intricate shadows throughout the room. This option adds an airy atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re sleeping among the stars. Whichever style you choose, smart recessed lighting is an excellent way to breathe life into any bedroom!

Track Lighting in Bedrooms

When it comes to lighting up your bedroom, track lighting is the way to go. Track lighting offers many different types of lamp styles that can brighten up your space. From brass antique lanterns for a vintage-style room, to modern and contemporary fixtures – there’s a style for everyone.

Or, if you want to keep things simple but still chic, try an adjustable flexible neck wall or floor lamp. Whatever meets your individual needs and preferences – track lighting has got you covered!

Smart Lighting In Bedrooms

Smart lighting can add convenience and beauty to any bedroom. Smart lighting is controlled by an app on your phone, allowing you to dim the lights, switch colors, and set schedules based on your needs. This makes it easy to create the perfect atmosphere in your bedroom at any time of day.

govee smart bedroom lights
Govee Smart Bedroom Lights – Img Credit:Govee

For example, warm colors are relaxing and great for reading in the evening, while blue tones can help you rest more easily before bedtime. Additionally, programming your lights to turn off or dim at pre-set times can make sure you get enough sleep and reduce wasted energy costs.

Popular options for smart lighting in bedrooms include Philips’ Hue system—which offers a wide range of colors at varying brightness levels—and Govee—which provides multiple color temperature settings for different activities throughout the day with multiple product choices. Both are great choices for adding some fun and practicality to your bedroom lighting!

FAQ for Best Light Fixtures for Bedroom

What type of light fixture is best for the bedroom?

When it comes to bedroom lighting, I can’t think of a better example than high-class hotel rooms. When considering the best type of light fixture for a high-end hotel bedroom, the options can range from ambient lighting with a single overhead fixture, to multiple LED lights used together to create a luxurious ambiance.

Wall sconces are a great option for creating subtle yet effective task lighting and dimmable pot lights allow for adjustable brightness and an inviting atmosphere. Accent lighting using spotlights or pendant fixtures is also important for highlighting artwork or adding a touch of drama to the bedroom design. For maximum style, opt for modern metal finishes like brass and chrome which will add a sense of sophistication and glamour to any room.

How do I choose a light fixture for my bedroom?

Choosing the right light fixture for your bedroom can be a daunting task, but with some careful consideration of your room’s layout, size, and decor style, you will be able to find the perfect option.

First, determine what type of lighting mood you would like – ambient lighting or task lighting. Ambient lighting is best for creating a soft glow throughout the space while task lighting allows for more focused illumination.

Determine how many lights you need – one large overhead light fixture or multiple smaller fixtures. Consider the color temperature of the bulbs and ensure they match the existing tones in your bedroom.

Finally, pick out a shape and material that will best complement your decor style – modern metal finishes are a great way to add a touch of sophistication and glamour.

Which light is best for the bedroom ceilings?

Smart LED strip lights are an ideal choice for adding perfect mood lighting to your bedroom ceilings. Not only do they provide a gentle and soothing light, but they’re also energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. They come in several different colors, so you can easily create the perfect look you’re going for while still being mindful of the environment.

Smart LED strip lights are easy to install and can be controlled with just the touch of a button, or an app, making them ideal for creating the perfect atmosphere to relax at the end of a long day.

Is LED light good for the bedroom?

Yes, LED lights are a great option for the bedroom. Not only do they provide plenty of brightness and visibility for reading or working on tasks, but they also offer changeable color temperatures that allow you to adjust the atmosphere and create just the right mood. With its adjustable brightness settings, you can easily set the level to be just right for any activity.

Is warm or white light better for the bedroom?

Choosing the right light for your bedroom can be a difficult decision, but generally speaking, both warm or white light is best. Warm light provides a soothing and inviting atmosphere, while still offering plenty of brightness to get things done. White light also offers a warm feeling while providing more visibility and clarity so you can work more easily at night. Ultimately, it all depends on your personal preference and the activities you plan to do in the bedroom.

How bright should a bedroom ceiling light be?

The brightness of a bedroom ceiling light can vary based on personal preference and the specific needs of the individual. However, as a general rule of thumb, a bedroom ceiling light should have a wattage of around 6-20 LED watts or an equivalent amount of lumens. You can see the brightness vs LED Power vs the Number of LED Bulbs needed table for any Bedroom below.

This should provide enough light for general tasks in the room while still maintaining a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. It’s also important to consider the size of the room when choosing the brightness of a ceiling light – a larger room may require a brighter light, while a smaller room may only need a dimmer light. Ultimately, the best way to determine the appropriate brightness of a bedroom ceiling light is to experiment with different wattages or lumens and find what works best for your specific needs and preferences.

bedroom chandelier light fixtures

The color of the bedroom walls can also play a role in how bright a ceiling light should be. Lighter colors, such as white or pastel shades, tend to reflect more light and can make a room feel brighter, which may allow for a slightly dimmer ceiling light. Darker colors, such as navy or forest green, absorb more light and can make a room feel darker, which may require a slightly brighter ceiling light. Additionally, warm or cool undertones in wall colors can also affect how light is reflected in the room. For example, warm undertones may give off a yellow or orange glow, which may require a brighter ceiling light to offset the warmth. Ultimately, it’s important to consider the color and undertones of the bedroom walls when determining the appropriate brightness of a ceiling light.

Here is our selection of the best smart light bulbs so that you can get the most colorful ambiance in a bedroom!

You can check our detailed reviews about these smart light bulbs from CondoChance / Light Bulbs.

What color light is best for sleep?

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, the color of light you use in your bedroom can make all the difference. The best light for sleeping is a soft, yellowish or amber hue. This color of light is calming and helps promote relaxation, making it easier for you to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night.

We have a blog post specifically dedicated to LED Colors for Sleeping topic only if you are interested!

What kind of LED light works best for the bedroom?

Smart LED lights are a great option for bedrooms as they give you full control over the lighting. You can choose from warm and cool white light, as well as different color hues, so you can customize your bedroom’s lighting to suit your specific needs. With smart technology, you can also set timers so that the lights will come on or turn off at certain times of the day and night. Smart LED lights are energy efficient, long-lasting, and often dimmable — making them an ideal choice for any bedroom.

Should a bedroom have a ceiling light?

In general, having a ceiling light in the bedroom is a great idea. It can provide general lighting for activities like reading and getting ready in the morning and evening. But in my opinion, using the correct lighting instruments can eliminate the need to use ceiling fixtures in the bedroom.

Why do you need a ceiling light in a bedroom? To provide much-needed illumination for safety at night if you need to get up during the night or when entering a dark room.

How can you provide this illumination without a ceiling light? Use a motion sensor!

If you want, you can match your motion sensor with a light strip that you stick to the foot of your bed and create step lighting, or you can match it with other lamps for security purposes and turn on different lamps in the room.

How many downlights should a bedroom have?

The number of downlights needed for a bedroom can vary based on the size of the room and the desired lighting level. As a general rule of thumb, a bedroom should have approximately one downlight for every 4-6 square meters (43-64 square feet) of floor space. For example, a small bedroom that is 3 meters x 3 meters (10 feet x 10 feet) or 9 square meters (100 square feet) would require approximately two downlights. A larger bedroom that is 4 meters x 4 meters (13 feet x 13 feet) or 16 square meters (172 square feet) would require approximately three to four downlights.

It’s important to keep in mind that downlights should be spaced evenly throughout the room to avoid creating any dark spots or shadows. Additionally, the size of the downlights and their beam angle can also affect the number needed. For example, larger downlights or those with a wider beam angle may cover a larger area, meaning fewer lights are needed.

TL;DR / Conclusion

When it comes to bedroom light fixture ideas, there are a ton of different options to suit any style or budget. From industrial pendant lights for an edgy look to moody downlighting for a cozy feel – there’s something for everyone. Whether you like your bedroom bright and airy or dark and mysterious, you’ll never go wrong with a beautiful chandelier, recessed can lights along the ceiling perimeter, or wall-mounted sconces.

Whatever type of lighting you choose, having adequate ambient light is always key in creating a relaxing atmosphere – think soft lights and multiple fixtures controlled by one switch, or an app. All in all, whatever combination of light fixtures you go with be sure that it suits your individual decor preferences and needs. Can you share how you are lighting your bedroom?

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