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The Amazing Benefits of Merkury Innovations Smart White LED Bulbs!

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The Merkury Light Bulb is an energy-efficient LED light bulb that uses less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs. It also lasts much longer than other light bulbs.

Sometimes we don’t need mood lighting, we just need a soft white light to work. Of course, using these lights with your Smart Assistant changes everything. For this reason, we will review the bulbs that the Merkury Innovations brand releases both under its name and the Geeni model. Below you can find a comparison of the criteria of three Geeni and Merkury Innovations brand smart light bulbs.

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About Merkury Smart Light Bulbs

They’re Easy To Find And Buy.

If you’ve ever looked at the price tag on a regular light bulb, you’ll understand how hard it is to find a good deal on these bulbs.

But, the Merkury Light Bulb is different. That’s right, you can save up to 80% off the retail price.

They Come In Many Different Sizes.

If you’re looking for a new smart light bulb, there’s no need to settle for just any old thing. You should consider the size of the room where you’ll use the bulb, as well as how much light you need.

A small lamp will provide enough light for reading, while you’ll need a large lamp for a larger area.

They Have A Wide Range Of Uses.

The Merkury lights are designed to provide an even distribution of light across a room. This makes them ideal for use in offices, classrooms, and other areas where there is a need for consistent illumination.

These bulbs also come with a lifetime warranty, making them a safe choice for consumers who want to invest in quality products.

Is Merkury and Geeni the same?

The short answer is YES! Geeni and Merkury is a parent company.

How do I get my Merkury smart bulb to work?

  1. First, you need to download Geeni App from App Store or Google Play. 
  1. If this is your first Geeni Smart Product; you need to register an account on the Geeni app.
  1. Screw in the MERKURY bulb and turn on the power. The bulb should be quickly flashing 2 × per second.
  1. In the Geeni app Devices screen, click (+). Make sure the bulb is flashing quickly, indicating it’s ready to connect. If not, turn the bulb off and on 3 times until it is flashing. Press “Next Step.”
Geeni App add device
  1. Enter your Wi-Fi network and password.
  1. The Geeni app will try to connect your device.

This is the easiest way to connect the Merkury Smart Light bulb to Wi-Fi. If it is not working for you, there are some other but more complex ways(AP Mode) to connect smart bulbs also. You can check from the User Guide.

What app controls Merkury light bulbs?

Geeni app controls Merkury Smart Light Bulbs. You can add, remove, rename, control, and automate your Geeni and Merkury devices with the Geeni app.

geeni app light color
Source: Play Store
geeni app smart devices
Source: Play Store

How do you reset a merkury smart light bulb?

The easiest way is to turn the bulb off and on 3 times which triggers the Geeni app to reconnect. This will lead the light bulb into reaching Easy Mode. When in Easy Mode, you’ll see the bulb flashing quickly. (2 times in a second)

If you try to reach AP(backup) mode, you can follow the steps from the Guide.

Can you connect Geeni without Wi-Fi?

Actually no! Geeni Smart White Light Bulbs can work without a WiFi connection, but, you won’t be able to maximize the features inside the Geeni application without a connection.


ProductMerkury Innovations A19 Smart White LED BulbGeeni Lux Drop Wi-Fi LED Light BulbGeeni LUX Edison Wi-Fi LED Edison Smart Light Bulb
Bulb SizeA19BR30A19
Control Method (App/Voice)Geeni Smart Home App / VoiceGeeni Smart Home App / VoiceGeeni Smart Home App / Voice
Hub needed?X X X
Brightness (Lumen)800750800
Power Consumption (W)987,5
Voltage (V)120120120
Colour Temperature2700K Soft White2700K Soft White2700K Soft White
Wifi✓ (2,4Ghz)✓ (2,4Ghz)✓ (2,4Ghz)
Zwave XXX
Alexa Comp.
Google Home Compatible
Microsoft Cortana Compatible
Siri CompatibleXXX
HomeKit CompatibleXXX
SmartThings Compatible
IFTTT Compatible
Wink CompatibleXXX


merkury innovations smart led light bulb

Merkury Innovations A19 Smart White LED Bulb

Power Consumption: 9W equivalent to 60W
No hub is needed, 2.4Ghz WiFi is enough to connect and control.
You can control it through Geeni App or voice assistants such as Alexa, Google Home, and Microsoft Cortana.

geeni smart light bulb

Geeni LUX Drop Wi-Fi LED Smart Light Bulb

Power Consumption: 8W equivalent to 65W

No hub is needed, 2.4Ghz WiFi is enough to connect and control.

You can control it through Geeni App or voice assistants such as Alexa, Google Home, and Microsoft Cortana.

And it is dimmable!

geeni smart edison light bulb

Geeni LUX Edison Wi-Fi LED Smart Edison Light Bulb

No hub is needed, 2.4Ghz WiFi is enough to connect and control. You can control it through Geeni App or voice assistants such as Alexa, Google Home, and Microsoft Cortana.
It is dimmable.
And Power Consumption: 7,5W equivalent to 60W but the same brightness level as others. (800 lumens)


We tried to review the 3 most suitable and well-matched products in the Merkury Innovations/Geeni branded bulbs category.

And the main feature of this brand is bringing energy-efficient products to your home without extra equipment such as hubs/bridges. All you must do is connect Geeni or Merkury devices to your home WiFi (2.4 GHz) network.

This brand has many other products other than smart light bulbs. You can see examples of other products below.

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